Power of Words: What words to avoid during a SaaS Presentation

Power of Words: What words to avoid during a SaaS Presentation

Welcome to Words to avoid during a SaaS presentation, “You’re wearing that?” 

How does that statement make you feel? Do you feel welcome here reading our blog or does it come off just a bit snarky? It does for us too. This perfectly illustrates the power of words and context, and What words to avoid during a SaaS presentation. We have a tool called Demo Deadly Phrases that discusses more deeply this subject, click here, but for our blogging purposes, we are just running down some phrases that will set a client’s teeth on edge or stop paying attention and ways to avoid using them. 

Certain words just work. They not only translate into confidence, they assure your client that you are THE authority talking about your SaaS software. You need this confidence and trust to close your deal at demo time. The words and word phrases you use throughout your demo need to instill trust and communicate that you are there to listen as well as present. Below are power words, tentative words, and how to use quotes to instill confidence, redirect attention, and win deals. 

Tentative Words: Words to Avoid during a SaaS Presentation

Tentative words delivered using passive verb tenses implicitly create doubt in your presentation. Use power words, power verbs, and show rather than tell. Tentative language and passive verb tenses also are an indicator that you are narrating your demo. Show solutions, do not talk about showing them. It is not like a hairstyling video on youtube. Sophisticated demoing, that is going to sell million-dollar deals, rely on active verbs, power language, and confidence in your solutions. Below are some phrases and words to avoid during your SaaS presentation.

I am going to talk about 

I am going to show you 

Today I would like to 

I’ve been asked to 

It seems to me that 

I believe 

Power Words 

Use words you are comfortable with, and use them with authority. We recommend demo scripts that are dynamic and can be applied to various members of an organization. What does that mean? You put the script into your own words that you are comfortable using. If you struggle to pronounce certain words you are going to experience anxiety in a script until that word is out of the way and it will show. Use your own words and use words that you are absolutely confident you can deliver. 

I’m convinced that 

There is no question that 

No doubt 

This solves a problem 

Quotes and Words that Work 

Quotes are not one size fits all, and the I have a Dream speech can flop very quickly, however a well placed quote or meme can create credibility or increase authority on the outset of your demo. Consider researching some of the people you will be demoing to and their likes on social media. This is not a sales hack by any means, but it is a softball opener. Also, consider words that are direct and easy to understand. Words that always work. We have a number of tools relating to demoing to toddlers and language falls squarely within that frame of reference. Click here to read more. 

If you have any doubt that the words used can color a presentation, consider family gatherings and remarks on how full your plate is, then think back to What words to avoid during a SaaS Presentation. The words you use and the context, matter. Click here to learn more on context, and click here to contact us

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