Demo Solutions

Demo Solutions helps revenue organizations deliver more effective demos and presentations using nontraditional sales techniques and strategies, based on positive psychology, DEI principles, and behavioral economics. We put customers and their priorities at the center of demos and presentations. 

Pricing packages include demo audits, presenter coaching and training, pitch deck creation, and entire presales function management. Demo Solutions offers competitive pricing and customizes all content for clients, from coursework to webinars. 

Our clients are able to improve deal velocityreduce the number of meetings required to close a deal, and increase average deal size. We incorporate a variety of exercises and training to help organizations deliver demos that audiences respond to and decision-makers approve, without discrediting the existing processes or your competition. 

Core Values and Beliefs

 Demo Solutions values transparency and respect above all from pricing to expectations, which is why we publish our pricing right here on our site, list our partners clearly,  and why we outline exactly how we train, right here on our site. We are an inclusive workplace and committed to fair practices in everything we do. We believe you can have a career and a family, which is why we are proud signatories of the Invest in Parents Pledge. And we believe that having a positive impact on our community doesn’t have to conflict with running a successful business, and are proud partners of The Mom Project.

We practice what we preach and our Demo Rules are found in the footer of every page. Demo Solutions strives to abide by these simple tenets: 

Always demo like yourself.
Never make anyone feel left out.
Never use big words when small ones will do.
Never assume that the client cares about your company.
Aways conduct discovery before the demo. And during. And after.

Want to Learn More? 

We’d love to talk to you. Give us a call at (312) 761-5101 or drop us a line in our chat.