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Demo Coaching because a great product doesn’t always mean a great demo

Demo Coaching gives your products and services the edge over your competitors because your presentation or demo was just better. You have a great product. But customers don’t only buy based on the product. If they did, there would only be one vendor in your space. A great product isn’t necessarily what you need to win deals – hell, you can win deals with a product that’s “good enough.” The best way to keep deals moving through the pipeline is to have a strong demo that communicates value to your prospects and customers.

Bad demos lose deals, and lost deals means lost revenue

Just like they can win deals, your demos can kill deals at any stage of the sales process. Much of the time salespeople think they had a great demo, when in fact they dropped lose the audience or commit a Demo Fail, which kills the deal before it even got off the ground.

When salespeople don’t communicate value, deals often die a slow painful death somewhere around stage 3 because clients aren’t convinced of the value of whatever is being sold and the deal just sort of sits there.

But our demos aren’t bad

Most demos aren’t necessarily bad, they are just fine. But just fine doesn’t really move the needle for sales organizations. Think about the goal of the average demo – you’re trying to sell something and communicate value, so the customer or prospect takes action. And you’re usually competing with the status quo which, even if people don’t like, they know. So a demo that’s just fine likely isn’t going to get the prospect to take a risk with whatever it is you’re showing them. This is the main reason that fine demos lead to deals getting stuck mid-funnel – the prospect is interested, just not interested enough to move forward.

So why do bad (or just fine) demos happen?

Many organizations don’t have the skills or talent to quickly show value and advance deals. You may have people on the team who are naturally skilled presenters or even people who have gone through some type of demo or presentation training before. Those are always great starts, but it often takes more than that to go from good to great

Often, a demo or pitch deck is created by someone who is not in the field, and, making things worse the leave behind deck is the same deck as the demo deck. This type of retrofitting of inconsistent information leads to a presentation resembling Frankenstein’s monster. This is where having a professional demo and presentation coach can make all the difference.

How Demo Coaching helps you deliver demos and presentations that close deals

We tailor our coaching to each individual’s style, or Demo Identity, to ensure they are delivering an authentic presentation. We start our coaching by identifying your demo personality, observing it in action,  and conducting a Demo Audit. We identify what works and what doesn’t and build on the things that work. The result is a demo and demo professional that is armed with a killer demo and understanding of their identity giving them an authentic attitude that wins the deal.

Founder Ed Jaffe on Demo Training vs Demo Coaching