The Demo Talent team of presentation all-stars can focus on your demos, so you can focus on closing deals

We provide the Demo Talent, so you don’t have to. Managers may not have the resources to provide effective presentation coaching or demo feedback. Even in feedback-focused cultures, giving feedback can be hard. On top of that, if managers aren’t presentation experts, the feedback may not be grounded in best practices. Enter Demo Solutions with our Demo Team Leaders and Demo Individual Contributors. 

Why use Demo Talent for demo or presentation talent instead of hiring?

Top-tier presales talent can be quite expensive, and you probably aren’t having them demo every hour of every day. So why pay full-time headcount if you don’t have to? But even if your schedule is completely full, there are lots of reasons to partner with us to run your demos or your demo team:

  1. You have talent with deep industry or product experience, but who don’t quite have the sales skills needed to manage customer meetings
  2. Your sales managers know how to manage salespeople, but not presales people
  3. You’re a CRO or head of services and the sales engineering team reports to you, but that’s not your focus and you don’t have the skills to help that team

What’s at stake without the right team in place?

Your sales are at stake. The right contributor or team leader can make or break demos. Even with extensive experience, presenting is scary, and being judged feels vulnerable. Add the pressure of a manager’s judgment, and that’s enough to knock plenty of people off their game. Demo Solutions third party talent offers an objective third party to provide feedback and help step in when your presentations are not delivering deals.

Leave the demoing and presenting to our team, because we can demo just about anything

Our team has experience demonstrating and working with just about every type of software out there, and to every industry. We know how to demo and present, and how to craft sales messaging behind it – just give us software, point us in the right direction, and we’re off. Plus our demos focus on sales, not deep product expertise. Your team is still heavily involved in later stage technical meetings where deep knowledge is a requirement.

Demo Solutions makes a recommendation to bring on outsourced talent when our coaching solutions are simply not enough and you need a functional manager.  Our Demo Talent arrives bias free to manage your demos or demo teams, decks, writing, and delivery. They are effectively members of your team. 

Demo Team Leaders: Demo Team Leader are for organizations that either do not have a presales team/function or have a few people without the right coaching.  

Demo Contributors: Individual contributors take the pressure out of the presentation by nailing the demo and then handing the sale back to the sale originator.