Monthly Price$7,860$12,180Contact Us
Demo Audit
Diversity/Equity/Inclusion Audit$
Diversity/Equity/Inclusion Coaching$
Group CoachingUp to 4 people/monthUp to 6 people + 2 managers/monthMore than 8 people/month
1:1 Coaching$
Demo "Set-Lists" (Scripts)
Remix Current Demo Deck
Design/Build New Demo Deck (or Screen Overlay)$$
Outsourced Demos$
Outsourced Leadership$
Custom Demo Video$$
Sales Process Consulting$
HR Consulting/Recruiting Management

Frequently Asked Questions

We’d recommend starting with a Demo Audit, which costs $2,750. However, if you purchase a package following your Demo Audit, that cost will count toward your first month’s invoice. This way you can try us out without making any long-term commitments.

If you’re pre-seed or seed, or haven’t closed your series A yet, we have pricing that’s designed just for you. Contact us to learn more. 

Of course! Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss. 

Of course! We accept all major credit cards (yes, that includes American Express), as well as ACH

All prices are subject to change. Package prices are valid for a minimum term of 6 months with payment terms no longer than net 15.